NEC SV9100 - CHS2UG-EU Main Cabinet


- Smart communications for small to medium sized enterprises
The SV9100 delivers reliable, cost-effective communications
from 10 to 896 users
Supporting a suite of secure voice, video and collaboration applications and
out-of-the-box mobility, the versatile SV9100 keeps your team
and your customers – connected.

- Don't get caught out with the ISDN Switch Off!
The SV9100 uses SIP technology which future-proofs your investment

- Multi-generational workforce?
The SV9100 combines telephony as well as mobility, homeworking &
BYOD capabilities

- Robust & reliable solution
Can your business afford downtime?

- Easily configured
Integrates with existing IT network as an analogue, digital or IP system

- Smart Mobility: Communicate Anywhere, Any Time
▪ On The Road: Treat your smartphone like your desk phone with
Mobile Extension. Enjoy the SV9100 system features while you’re on the move.
▪ On Your Premises: The SV9100’s IP DECT range provides the ultimate devices
for voice, text messaging and in-house mobility.
▪ Larger Sites & Campuses: WiFi handsets provide seamless roaming within
multiple business locations with advanced wireless features for
organizations on the go.

- Your Homeworkers: Single Number Reach Uc Capability
▪ Home And Away: The ST500 makes your smartphone smarter.
Enjoy voice & video mobile extension over WiFi for your smartphone or
smart device.
▪ The Home Office: Smart collaboration without the cost. InUC keeps your
homeworkers connected with video conferencing, document &
screen sharing capabilities.

- Smart Call Management : A First-Rate User Experience
▪ Entry-Level Analysis: Quick, easy and cost effective, InReports provides
24/7 monitoring and analysis of your entire company’s communications
via a browser
▪ Advanced Call Management: The MyCalls suite of applications provides your
team with the tools to succeed in making your business more customer centric
and more profitable
▪ Multimedia Contact Centre: Create a first rate experience for your customers
with the SV9100’s Business ConneCT which co-ordinates email, live Webchat,
WhatsApp and voice via a single interface.

- Smart Security : Keeping Staff, Network And Premises Safe
▪ Call Recording: MyCalls Call Recorder provides a record of who said what
enabling quick dispute resolution, avoiding potentially costly litigation and more
▪ Panic Keys: SV9100 desktop telephones can be programmed with a one-button
emergency key - alerts all other phones of an emergency including
location/room it’s coming from
▪ Toll Fraud Defence: NEC’s InGuard application helps defend a business against
attacks 24/7/365 defence from Toll Fraud.
▪ Electronic Door Switch: NEC door phones and electronic door locks help protect
your premises and can be operated from any of your phones

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