Cybersecurity threats: Nepal leading on the list of compromised countries!

This is the era of digitization which means almost anything and everything is done online. Whether for professional tasks or educational purposes, especially with the 2020-2021 pandemic period, everything is processed through devices & the internet. Even the eCommerce business is booming with the ease of shopping from the comfort of our homes. But as with any successful proceeding, there is always a downside we tend to overlook. In this case, the major disadvantage of our 24-hour online generation is the threat of cybersecurity.

While we enjoy the ease of access to information, communications, & entertainment media online, we tend to ignore this very important element that might cause substantial loss in the long run.

What is Cybersecurity Threat & the reasons behind it?

So what is a cybersecurity threat? It is basically the process of malicious attacks on our devices through various phishing methods disrupting our device performance resulting in substantial loss of data, privacy invasion, theft of confidential information, and manipulations. These methodologies are usually implemented by hackers, terrorists, and hostile individuals with corrupt mindsets who set out to destroy and disturb our daily activities. 

This is a global threat that has affected millions of individuals and businesses that were compromised. Especially in the context of our country Nepal, we are one of the top names when it comes to countries that are most vulnerable as seen in the Live Cyber Threat Map.

So before we go into how to prevent this from happening, it is important that we understand the reasons for these kinds of cybersecurity threats. The first and foremost reason that makes our devices and networks vulnerable is the lack of security. Most of us, especially when browsing online mindless of what unauthorized websites we click on and access tend to compromise our security. These are the fastest way any malware, DDoS attacks, Trojans, and similar threats tend to successfully attack us and our privacy. 

Another major reason a device is compromised is when a virus-infected USB or storage device is connected. These removable disks are one of the easiest ways to transfer files from one device to another. But at the same time, it is also another fastest way to transfer malware and viruses. 

Getting onto the age-old email scams, we as users always tend to open our emails on a daily as professionals or students. Suspicious email scams riddled with these kinds of cybersecurity compromising malware and threats are another huge source of affecting our devices. 

How to prevent our devices from Cybersecurity threats?

Prevention is always better than cure, whether it is our physical health or our digital health. So, what are the major points we need to remember to prevent us from compromising our devices to these malicious viruses, malware, and overall cybersecurity threats? 

Where there is a problem, there are always tools to solve them! And for these kinds of threats, the ultimate solution is to install anti-virus software like Kaspersky to prevent our devices from being compromised. High-quality, advanced features to level up the security of your devices to ensure that no data loss or theft of confidential information is possible. This software is designed to detect this malware as soon as they enter the device and end it so no further complications arise. Stay safe, and secure, and protect your online footprint in the most effortless manner with this anti-virus software.

Regular Updates of your devices

Updates are there for a reason. Most companies release regular updates to fix the existing issues and offer users an upgraded performance. These are also meant to resolve any security issues and remove any vulnerability that compromises your devices to these cyber threats. However, as much as these updates do, they still cannot compare to the level of security that anti-virus software like Kaspersky can provide. 

Learn the recognize and avoid

We have previously mentioned that most of this malware comes in the form of emails, or unauthorized websites that ask permission to act on your device. Be thorough and learn the basics of how these tricks work. Avoid any suspicious links, pop-up boxes, ads, and emails. This way, you can avoid any instances of compromising security. However, this too is not as ideal an option as installing anti-virus software like Kaspersky.

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