Where to Buy Genuine Brothers Printers and Consumables in Nepal ?

Whether you want to buy a printer or its consumables for your house or for your company, you can make your life easier by contacting a reputable service provider to improve your performance. On the other hand, finding a legitimate service provider that would work for you on your own is not always straightforward. You or your firm are almost certainly looking for the best pricing, features, performance, customer service, and experiences for yourself or your company. Then yes you are at the right place.

The recognized trusted “IT & LifeStyle Company”, Legally registered as Baleyo Store Pvt. Ltd offers you all the genuine services you require to boost your performance.

Why Order From Our Baleyo?

We are an Emerging Trustworthy e-Commerce committed to becoming the most loved and reliable providing a great shopping experience, offering rapid delivery to your doorsteps & Cash-on-Delivery, Customer servicing through Authorized World Class Service Center.

We've seen situations where customers order printers/consumables from a low-quality or scam company and don't get a perfect fit for their work. In addition, improper products can cause smear and clog damage to your machine, as well as print in poor quality, such as faded prints, resulting in a loss of investment.

We work open and legal & are authorized, we also have access & connections to reliable and legal resources. You can be certain that you receive printer/consumables of the highest quality and always receive support on our behalf.

We have been paying attention to customer service & qualified products at the optimum price, for the past 25 years. We provide you with a perfectly tested product that will earn you the highest progress. You do not need to suffer struggling with the printing services or solutions Just do the following – make your purchase from our store either online or from a physical store, and forget about your printing issues. You can always rely on us. We are experienced in what we do. Therefore, we are ready to assist you in this responsible and unavoidable mission.

How to Buy?

We provide you the satisfactory service. We have been working on our ordering process to make it easy and understandable. Therefore, when you decide to buy a genuine printer/consumables at an effective price, Go to baleyo.com or visit our physical stores*.

We've been on the market for a long time. We worked with hundreds of clients from all across the country during this time, and the vast majority of them were incredibly pleased with the service they received. We know this because of their good feedback and the fact that 9 out of 10 clients become loyal customers.

Visit our Retail Store

Baleyo IT Store  - IT Tower

📍NewRoad Gate, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mobile / Whatsapp : +977-9801132761

Support Center:

Baleyo Customer Support & Research Center

📍Master Marg, Kalanki

Kathmandu, Nepal

Mobile / Whatsapp:  +977-9801132941

We are versatile, stick to our commitments, and are proud of our accomplishments. Do not miss out on being a member of our service. We can't wait to fascinate you for the rest of your life.

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