Why Brother's Genuine Products are a better investment than Non-Genuine Products?

A well-known and trustable brand like Brother adds credibility to its products and thus results in the additional price of the Brother Genuine supplies. To create a world-class product, Brother uses high-quality raw materials which then give the best print output. The product manufacturing process also utilizes the company's time and resources which makes Brother Genuine products to be costly.
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Why do Genuine Brother Products cost more than other products?

1.     Brother has unique products for each machine and all the products are manufactured, designed, and developed separately from start to end which increases the cost of production resulting in addition in the product cost.

2.     High-quality Pigments are used in the product development process which gives high-quality Non-Dissolving print output and no color fade.

3.    Since Brother products are made in Japan transportation, product shipping, custom, and duty charges are added to the products.

4.    Product research and development cost is added to the final product.

5.    The cost of my brother’s highly responsive support and customer care service.

6.    The cost of Brother’s brand value.

7.    Brother's Genuine Products extend the life of the machine.

Why Non-Genuine Products are Cheaper? than brother Genuine Products 

 Non-Genuine Products are made using cheaper materials without research and testing about products and their impact on machine health. Non-Genuine Products are not reliable, they can stop the machine at any time. Here are some reasons why non-genuine products are cheaper:

  1. A single type of product is used throughout all the machines, there is no extra cost of manufacturing unique products for each machine.

  2. Non-Genuine Products are made using cheap water-soluble dye.

  3. There is no cost of research and development of the product. 

  4. Non-genuine Products are majorly manufactured locally and have Short transport distances cost.

  5.  Gives poor-quality print output and color fades frequently.

  6. Non Genuine products are developed by just copying the top-selling product.

  7. Non-Genuine Products reduce the life of the machine.

  8. Non-genuine products are one-time buy products it does not have backup service and warranty available

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किन Brother ब्रान्डको Genuine Products हरु Non-Genuine Products भन्दा राम्रो लगानी हुन्छन् ?