A60 Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter

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- Bluetooth 5.1 Chip
- Stable without delay
- Long Battery Life
- HD call Microphone

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    Product specifications:

    Bluetooth name: A60 Bluetooth adapter Bluetooth receiver transmitter
    Product bare metal weight: 10g
    Color: black
    Material: ABS
    Product size 66*20*12MM
    Packing size: 12.5*7*2.3cm
    Internal battery: 150mAh
    Charging time: about 2 hours
    Life time: about 8H in RX mode and 5H in TX mode.
    Packaging: (color box packaging, including: host, charging cable, instructions)


    Two-way call is supported. Some Bluetooth adapters can't support Bluetooth call, but only one-way audio transmission.
    1.A60 is a three-in-one Bluetooth product with Bluetooth receiving (RX), Bluetooth transmitting (TX) and calling.
    2. The receiving mode is used to instantly upgrade Bluetooth functions of ordinary audio, wired headphones, power amplifier cars and other devices;
    3. Built-in high-definition microphone to realize functions such as listening to songs and high-definition calls, and enjoy unlimited fun brought by Bluetooth;
    4. The indicator light is red/blue, and the receiving/transmitting mode is plug-and-play and can be switched at any time;
    5. Support the transmission mode of TV/computer/projector, and solve the problem that the TV can't connect Bluetooth headset; This can be used to help products without Bluetooth devices pair with Bluetooth devices, such as desktop computers, notebooks, televisions, etc. with Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth gamepads, etc.
    6. Support 10 ~ 15m long-distance transmission, independent antenna and enhanced Bluetooth signal.

    Package Included:

    1* Bluetooth adapter
    1* charging line
    1* instructions

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