IDP Parts - Long Cleaning Card for S30/S50/S70

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This cleaning kit keeps the printer rollers working smoothly on IDP SMART 30, SMART 50, SMART 70 series printers, by effectively cleaning off debris and dust. These cards are designed to work with the SMART automatic cleaning feature to make cleaning your print rollers. This kit contains 10 Long-Sleeve Cleaning Cards from IDP.

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    IDP printer cleaning cards extend the life of your card printers and improve overall image quality. Dust and other tiny debris can degrade your printed image quality and even damage your printhead or other critical parts of your IDP Smart ID Card printer. With routine cleanings, you can expect optimal image quality and a longer life for your card printer. Regular use of these printer cleaning supplies will:

    • Help maintain card printer performance and reliability
    • Prolong the life of vital printheads, transport rollers and magnetic encoder parts
    • Give you improved quality on full-colour card images

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