Kaspersky Plus : Security Performance and Privacy

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- Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Ransomware Protection
- Safe Web Browsing
- Existing Virus Removal
- Anti-Phishing
- Two-Way Firewall
- Performance Optimisation
- Device Space Cleanup
- App Management
- Do Not Disturb Mode
- Online Payment Protection
- Stalkerware Detection
- Crypto Threat Protection
- Hard Drive Health Monitor
- Data Leak Checker
- Unlimited & Fast VPN
- Password Manager
- Password Safety Check

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Security. Performance. Privacy.
All in one easy-to-use app.

Kaspersky Plus offers next-generation cybersecurity to protect you against new viruses, ransomware, and malware – without slowing you down. Also includes payment protection, a password manager, and unlimited VPN to keep your digital life private and safe.

  • Advanced security with anti-phishing and firewall included
  • Performance optimisation tools enhanced by HDD health monitoring
  • Privacy features including unlimited VPN and password manager

    Compatible with:

  • Windows®
  • macOS®
  • Android™
  • iOS®

What’s included in Kaspersky Plus?

Explore all the protection, performance, and privacy features in our new security plan.

Private and Uninterrupted Browsing Tools to prevent unauthorised online tracking, unauthorised ads appearing, or anyone using your peripherals.

  • Stalkerware Detection Alerts you if there’s an attempt to use your software to spy on you – via Stalkerware, for example – or to steal your cryptocurrency.
  • Private Browsing Blocks the websites and social media platforms you visit on your Mac or PC from tracking your activities, collecting your private data, and chasing you with annoying ads. You can also block website banners and ads on your PC.
  • Ad Blocker Stops annoying website banners and potentially malicious ads showing on your Windows PC. If you are happy to be served ads by particular sites, you can favourite these so you continue to see ads when you visit them.
  • Webcam & Mic Protection Stops unauthorised access to your Windows PC or Mac webcam so nobody can watch you in your home. It alerts you when an app tries to use your webcam and lets you block apps or grant permission to trusted apps.

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      Security Features