Stylish Comfortable Earphones (Red)

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    Product Description:

    Material: ABS, TPE, Aluminum Alloy

    Size: 1200 mm

    Weight: 13 g

    Features: The tuning system with multiple sound outlet holes ensures high-fidelity experience and high sound quality when you make phone calls and listen to music.

     1.Volume up/down: Push the button towards “+” sign to turn up; push the button towards “-” sign to turn down.
     2.Answer button: When there is an incoming call, press once to answer; press again to hang up.

    1.Do not listen to music at high volume for a long time, to avoid impairing your hearing.

    2.Do not get wet. Avoid dampness.
    3.Do not pull hard.
    4.Do not attempt to disassemble by yourself.