Brother Tape TZE-641 Tape Cartridges

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This genuine Brother TZe-641 labelling tape cassette is guaranteed to provide you with crisp, sharp and easily readable labels that last.

Equally handy in the home, office or workplace, this laminated black on white TZe-641 labelling tape can be used to identify the contents of everything from file folders and shelves to USB flash drives, as well as cables and other equipment.

These self-adhesive laminated labels have been developed to withstand extremes of temperatures, and are resistant to chemicals, abrasion, sunlight and submersion in water, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

TZe tape cassettes are quick and easy to install, and come in various label widths, colours and materials - ensuring your P-touch machine meets all your labelling needs

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    Paper Type                   TZe

    Paper Width                (min~max) 18mm

    Paper Length               8m

    Paper Density             Text: Black

    Background Color      yellow                                  


    ● It won't fade under harsh UV rays

    ● Stays on in hot and cold environments from freezers to microwaves.                                                       

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